PADI Dive Center and whale-watching
in Sainte-Marie island, Madagascar

Bora Dive & Research invites you to discover the diversity of Sainte-Marie’s underwater life, a small paradise island located on the east coast of Madagascar. Our activities adapt to your level and your expectations. A Discover Scuba Diving in the pool and at sea for anyone wishing to discover diving. PADI-certified courses recognized around the world to deepen your skills. Or wreck dives, night dives and deep dives for explorers!

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Sainte-Marie island, one of the best dive site of Madagascar

70 km long, 5km wide: a pin placed on the Indian Ocean. From the sky, Sainte-Marie Island, on the east coast of Madagascar, is promising: white sand, lagoon, coconut tree, reef and authentic villages.

On land, she keeps her promises. And under the ocean surface? With more than 2,000 hours of exploration around the island, Luciano Toto, the Malagasy diving instructor of Bora Dive, summarizes the subject in one word: diversity. Coral potatoes, reef trays, sandy areas, limestone rocks, seagrass beds, wrecks, biotopes are surprisingly diverse. The 20 dive sites each have their own particularities. Rays, groupers, triggerfish, reef sharks, turtles, moray eels, jacks, snappers and for the most patient: nudibranchs, ghost fish, leaf fish, pipefish, …

Between June and September, you will dive listening the song of humpback whales. The best period of visibility is between October and January.

Bora Dive is involved in an underwater data collection project, fish and benthic, in collaboration with scientists in order to create a marine protected area.