Reef Project of Sainte Marie Island (PRISM)

PRÎSM, an association made up of scientists, divers and photographers, has teamed up with diving center BORA DIVE and RESEARCH in 2018 to monitor the evolution of the reef around Sainte-Marie Island, Madagascar. PRÎSM supports the GDZCOI (Gestion des Zones Côtières de l’Océan Indien) project managed by GRET (Groupe de Recherche et d’Echanges Technologiques) and PCADDISM (Plateforme de Concertation des Acteurs du Développement Durable de l’île Sainte Marie). This platform echoes the local determination to understand and mitigate the eco-systemic degradation underway on the territory, notably through the eventual creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

MPAs are a means of regulating fishing periods and zones, and all other activities impacting the reef. Such regulations help to reduce the stress imposed on the coral environment and thus restore the balance of the ecosystems that make it up (reproduction of fish and corals, monitoring of invasive species, remission of coral and zooxanthellae after a period of bleaching, etc.).

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